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90+ Percentile en el GMAT

Si deseas rendir el examen GMAT, tenemos lo que buscas. Contamos con instructores especializados en el examen, que desarrollarán tus destrezas verbales y de redacción. Recibirás fuerte apoyo técnico con simulación de exámenes, guía oficial GMAT, además de técnicas y útiles consejos para lograr óptimos puntajes.

Nuestros clientes han logrado las mejores puntuaciones del mundo. Las clases 700PLUSGMAT en EES desarrollan en el cliente las estrategias para resolver cada sección y tipo de pregunta, con énfasis en técnicas sofisticadas para contestar correctamente las preguntas de alto valor.

Join us for Elite MBA Test Prep: 20+ Years of Proven Results

For over two decades, we’ve helped driven professionals like you achieve elite GMAT scores and gain admission to the world’s most prestigious MBA programs. Our comprehensive curriculum, expert instructors, and personalized approach provide you with the skills and strategies to truly master the test.

We know what it takes to dominate the GMAT:

  • Average student score in the 90th+ percentile
  • Conquer every section: quant, verbal, IR, and AWA
  • Learn advanced techniques to tackle even the most challenging questions

Our students have earned admission to the top business schools:

  • Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, MIT Sloan, Kellogg, and more
  • One-on-One Support, Unrivaled Result
  • Receive personalized coaching and feedback every step of the way
  • Comprehensive resources from veterans of the admissions process

Take the first step towards an elite MBA with our premier test prep program. Sign up today to join the ranks of our accomplished alumni.

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    700PLUSGMAT Standard (12 weeks, 2 sessions per week)

    Our most popular, and often wait-listed GMAT course. Students taking this course regularly score in the top percentiles in the world. If you were recommended by a friend , chances are that he or she took this course. These courses are highly structured and led by expert instructors who know what it takes to score 700Plus. Classes will guide you through the major concepts and steps needed to achieve your target GMAT score in approximately  3 months. The program Includes all needed materials including official guides, extensive practice materials and live simulations…

    Extensive GMAT Preparation Course

    700PLUSGMAT Extensive (20-40 Weeks, 1-2 sessions per week)

    Need more time, additional instruction and extended practice with the GMAT? Far less intensive than our other GMAT offerings, but with all the strategy, guidance and demanding coaching. Our 700PLUS Extensive course will give you the knowledge, confidence and practice you are looking for without the extreme pressure of an intensive course. All materials, official guides, live simulations are included.

    Intensive GMAT Preparation Course

    700 PLUS GMAT Boot Camp (3-4 weeks, Friday Evenings and Saturdays)

    Under time pressure to prepare the GMAT? Are your deadlines right around the corner? Our highly intensive GMAT Boot Camp will give you the the edge you need to beat the GMAT. Clients taking this course have achieved 95th percentile scores and admission to the very best MBA programs, including Harvard! 

    Top 10 Ranked MBAs | Average GMAT Scores

    US News MBA Ranking 2022-2023

    MBA Ranking | B-School | Average GMAT score | Average Months Work Experience | Website

    1. Chicago (Booth) Average GMAT 730  2. Northwestern (Kellogg) Average GMAT 730 |3. Pennsylvania (Wharton)Average GMAT 740  4. MIT (Sloan) Average GMAT 730 |5. Harvard Average GMAT 730 6. Dartmouth (Tuck) 730  |7. Stanford GSB Average GMAT 740 8. Michigan (Ross) Average GMAT 720  9. Yale SOM Average GMAT 720 10. NYU (Stern). 740

    What is the  GMAT?

    The GMAT Focus Edition is a 2 hour and 15 minute exam consisting of 64 questions across three sections: Quantitative Reasoning (21 questions, 45 minutes), Verbal Reasoning (23 questions, 45 minutes), and Data Insights (20 questions, 45 minutes). It offers several test-taker friendly features:

    1. Question Review & Edit: Allows you to bookmark questions, review them at the end of each section, and edit up to 3 answers per section.
    2. Select Section Order: You can take the three sections in any desired order and choose when to take the optional 10-minute break.
    3. Flexible Score Sending: You can select which schools receive your scores after taking the exam, once you know your performance.
    4. Detailed Results: Within 3-5 days, you receive a comprehensive report analyzing your performance by section, program, school, content domain, question type, skills, and time management.

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